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Queen of Peace Catholic Academy Debuts FL State Chess Championship With A Bang!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This year was Queen of Peaces’ first time competing as a team and featured full rosters for the K-5 Under 700 and K-3 Under 600 sections.

In the K-5 Under 700 section, QPCA was led by Josh Zak with a score of 3/5 followed by Justin Greene who scored 2.5/5. Matias Castellanos and Colin Moore rounded out the team that took 6th place in the state in their first attempt. A very solid performance all around!

In the K-3 Under 600 section, Asa Bodlak, David Greene, Charles Coville, and Julieta Salazar-Gomez represented the school.

The team was led by QPCA’s first-ever state champion, Asa Bodlak who scored an undefeated 5-0, followed by David Green who went 4/5 to tie for third. Incredible performances for both of these players and a great sign for things to come. Julieta Salazar-Gomez scored a critical win and Charles Coville held a draw in the last round to seal the 3rd place finish for the team. Asa gained 119 rating points bringing him above 600 for the first time and David gained 124 rating points putting him at his personal best of 547. With these performances, Queen of Peace now has four players above the 500 threshold which is outstanding in our first year!

The team is now training for the upcoming National K-12 Grade Championship being held this December in Orlando, FL.

Players coached by the Endgame Chess Academy participated in this event.

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