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Oak Hall School Makes Chess History in Gainesville, FL

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The Oak Hall School had a historic performance by winning all five team championships in the elementary school sections including K-1 Championship, K-3 Championship, and K-5 Championship as well as the K-3 Under 600 and K-5 Under 700.

This feat was made possible by a group of impressive individual performances including the K-1 individual champion Mihai Holcomb with a score of 5-0, the K-3 individual champions Aakash Jani, Addion Baumstark, and Damian Alexander (listed alphabetically) at 4-1, K-5 3rd place Sohpie Li, K-5 Under 700 individual champion Nico Vu (5-0), and several other high placing individual performances.

Some players coached by the Endgame Chess Academy participated in this event.

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